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21 Nov 2017:  Greetings to all.  I have recently retired and have more time to devote to this site.  If you have information (stories, pictures, etc.) that you would like to share please contact us at:


3 Nov 2015:  Seeking information on Pilot Phan Khoi.  Phan Khoi was a South Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF) student pilot, possibly with the 3551st Pilot Training Squadron (PTS) when he was at Moody Air Force Base, Valdosta, Georgia during Christmas 1962.  He spent the holiday with the Pilkinton family.  It is believed that this may of been Bobby R. Pilkinton who we find as an instructor pilot with the 3512 PTS at Randolf Air Force Base, Texas in 1966.  Phan Khoi was assigned to the 522 Fighter Squadron (VNAF) and is beleived to have died during an aerial demonstration on October 1, 1966 at Tan Son Nhut Air Base,Vietnam while flying an A-1G aircraft.  Any information on Mr. Khoi from any time period would be greatly appreciated.  Contact the webmaster at the email box located at the bottom of the page.

9 October 2015:  Ray Watson has been sharing his photograpy of the 20th TASS at Dong Ha during late 1966 into 1967.  Aerial shots, O1's on the flight line and rice paddies from the air.  If you would like to share your unit please contact us at the mailbox below. 480th TFS has also been updated.

20 September 2015:   Added/Updated the following:  Under Marine Units; VMA(AW) and VMFAW now have webpages.  Under Army Units a section for Avel: (Aviation Electronics Support Company) and LEM: (Light Equipment Maintenance Company) units has been added.  Addtionally,  Tail Codes and Tail Markings of aircraft in Southeast Asia has been added.  Looking for your input.

13 September 2015 Added/Updated the following: 606 SOS, H&MS-11, H&MS-12, H&MS-13, H&MS-15, H&MS-16, H&MS-17, H&MS-36, VMO-2, VMO-3, VMO-6, 282 AHC, 245 SAC, 14 CAB, 16 CAB, 20 TRS, 345 TCS, 56 ACW, 561 TFS, and  Operation Ranchhand.

29 August 2015 Added the following: 21SOS, 22SOS, VA-12, VA-15, VA-144,VA-66,VA-112,VA-155, VA-172 and  VA-216.

18 August 2015 Pictures added to the following: RF-4C, 11TRS, (aircrew) 20TRS, (aircrew) and 45TRS, RF101C.

16 August 2015 Pictures added to the following: F-102, F-105, RF-4C, RF-101C, F-104, 11TRS, 20TRS, 435TFS,509 FIS and Udorn.

10 August 2015  F-105, F-100 F-111, B-52, B-57, C-46, C-47, C-119, and C-123 in Southeast Asia

5 August 2015  Fourty-One (41) Air Refueling Squadrons that participated in Southeast Asia operations have been added.

4 August 2015  Air Rescue has been added.  An ARRS tab on the home page leads to the 3rd Aerospace Rescue Recovery Group with links to the 37th ARRS, 38th ARRS , 39th ARRS and 40th ARRS.

27 July 2015  In the past week we have added a long overdue Vietnam Air Force page.  A master index for the Vietnam Air Force currently has the following:  Fighter Squadrons (19 squadron pages), Helicopter Squadrons (16 squadron pages), Transportation Squadrons (6 squadron pages) and Liasion Squadrons (8 squadron pages).  Feel free to contract me about adding your photographs, history and stories to this site.

14 July 2015 553 Recon Squadron, 554th Recon Squadron, 41st TEWS, 42nd TEWS, 360th TEWS, 361st TEWS and the 362nd TEWS added to the site.  TEWS stands for Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadronn (TEWS).  Please sent the webmaster any information you may have on this and other units.

13 July 2015 - 19th SOS added

26 June 2015 - Rebuilding the site one page at a time starting with Air Force Units.  The default or Home Page will be the last page updated.  Feel free to send information on your units/s.  Thanks for your patience as we redo 100's of pages.




Looking for information on this and other units that served or supported the Air War in SEA. 

If you have a story, scans of aircraft, bases, ships, unit personnel, insignia or operations that you would like to see posted on these pages please contact the webmaster at the mailbox below.

Thanks for serving. 

Looking forward to your input.




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