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Redesignated 35th Tactical Fighter Wing, and activated, on 14 Mar 1966. Organized on 8 Apr 1966. Inactivated on 31 Jul 1971


Pacific Air Forces, 14 Mar 1966; Seventh Air Force, 8 Apr 1966–31 Jul 1971 



F–4, 1966; F–100, 1966–1971; and B–57, 1966–1969; but also included F–102, 1966; MK–20 (Canberra), 1967–1971; and A–37, 1970–1971. F–4, 1971–1992       


2 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force: attached c. 19 Apr 1967– 4 Jun 1971. 

8th Bombardment, Tactical (later, 8th Special Operations): attached 8–18 Apr 1966, 15 Jun–15 Aug 1966, 12 Oct–12 Dec 1966, 11 Feb– 12 Apr 1967, 7 Jun–2 Aug 1967, 26 Sep–21 Nov 1967; assigned 15 Jan 1968–15 Nov 1969; assigned 30 Sep 1970–31 Jul 1971 (detached c. 16–31 Jul 1971). 


13th Bombardment, Tactical: attached 17 Apr–17 Jun 1966, 14 Aug–13 Oct 1966, 12 Dec 1966–11 Feb 1967, 11 Apr–8 Jun 1967, 1 Aug–26 Sep 1967, 21 Nov 1967–15 Jan 1968. 

120th Tactical Fighter: 30 Apr 1968–18 Apr 1969. 

352d Tactical Fighter: 10 Oct 1966–31 Jul 1971. 

390th Tactical Fighter: 8 Apr–10 Oct 1966. 

480th Tactical Fighter: attached 8 Apr–22 Jun 1966, assigned 23 Jun–10 Oct 1966. 

612th Tactical Fighter: 15 Mar–31 Jul 1971. 

614th Tactical Fighter: 10 Oct 1966– 31 Jul 1971. 

615th Tactical Fighter: 10 Oct 1966–31 Jul 1971. 



Organized again in Apr 1966 at Da Nang AB, South Vietnam, replacing the 6252d Tactical Fighter Wing. Controlled two F–4C squadrons, two rotational B–57 squadrons, and F–102 flights of the 64th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, to conduct combat operations in Southeast Asia. On 1 Oct 1966 the 35th and 366th Wings moved in name only, the 35th Wing replacing the 366th Wing at Phan Rang AB, South Vietnam, and becoming an F–100 organization. The two B–57 squadrons also shifted bases, following the 35th Wing to Phan Rang. Missions included air support of ground forces, interdiction, visual and armed reconnaissance, strike assessment photography, escort, close and direct air support, and rapid reaction alert. Struck enemy bases and supply caches in Parrot’s Beak just inside the Cambodian border, Apr–May 1970. Provided close air support and interdiction in support of South Vietnamese operations in Laos and Cambodia, Jan–Jun 1971. Also attached to the wing at Phan Rang was RAAF Squadron No. 2, equipped with MK–20 Canberra bombers, which provided day and night bombing, photo strike assessment, and close air support primarily for 1st Australian Task Force in Phuoc Tuy Province. Another attached component, actually a de facto squadron, was the F–100-equipped Detachment 1, 612th TFS. On 15 Mar 1971, the 612th moved from Japan to Phan Rang in name only, replacing the detachment. Gained an A–37B squadron (8th SOS) in Sep 1970. Began phasing down for inactivation in Apr 1971, standing down from operations on 26 Jun 1971. Remaining resources passed to the 315th Tactical Airlift Wing on 31 Jul 1971 when the 35th Wing inactivated.  


Campaign Streamers.   Vietnam: Vietnam Air; Vietnam Air Offensive; Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase II; Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase III; Vietnam Air/Ground; Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase IV; TET 69/Counteroffensive; Vietnam Summer–Fall, 1969; Vietnam Winter–Spring, 1970; Sanctuary Counteroffensive; Southwest Monsoon; Commando Hunt V; Commando Hunt VI.

Decorations.     Presidential Unit Citation: Vietnam, 10 Oct 1966–10 Apr 1967. Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards with Combat "V" Device: 8 Apr–9 Oct 1966; 2 Apr–2 Sep 1967; 3 Sep 1967–2 May 1968; 1 Oct 1968–13 Apr 1969; 14 Apr 1969–13 Apr 1970; 1 Dec 1970–25 Jun 1971.   Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Crosses with Palm: 1 Apr 1966–31 Jul 1971; 1 Sep 1968–9 Oct 1970; 24 Feb–30 Mar 1971.

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Vietnam Service:  


Col Franklin H. Scott, 8 Apr 1966; Col Allan P. Rankin, 10 May 1966; Col George S. Weart, 10 Oct 1966; Col James A. Wilson, 1 Mar 1967; Col Herndon F. Williams, 1 Feb 1968; Col Frank L. Gailer, Jr., 23 Sep 1968; Brig Gen Walter Galligan, 9 Aug 1969; Col Walter C. Turnier, 10 Jun 1970; Col Cregg P. Nolan, Jr., 1 Jan–c. 31 Jul 1971.

The majority of the Information on this page is from the USAF Historical Research Agency: http://www.maxwell.af.mil/au/afhra/


Note: Information covers only the SEA period



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